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KOS Long-life Handheld Pill Press Maker with Stainless Steel
This handheld pill press is designed by KOS company.
Item ID #H0010

This price is for one copper handheld pill press with one set round-shaped punch die free and one allen key to adjust the thickness of pills.


1, It is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with features of no rust,no stain, and easy cleaning and storing.

2,There are 3 different positions for putting the middle die, so that all kinds of punch dies in different sizes can be used.

3, The punches and dies in different shapes and stamps including round,oval,rectangle,geometric shapes with various characters, numbers and patterns are applicable, especially for the irregular shape dies.

4, A 12mm screw is attached which is used to adjust the depth of filling to control the thickness of pills.

5, It is suitable for small lot production,like expriment in lab.

Notice: If you buy one stainless longlife handheld pill press,you can get one set round-shaped punch die free. Below are some samples, you can pick up any one of them and tell us the number.

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