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ZP31D Rotary Tablet Press Machine
This is ZP31D Rotary Tablet Press Machine manufactured by KOS Industry company
Item ID #A0050

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Main Application:

ZP31D rotary tablet machine is a double-pressing automatically revolving piece-pressing machine which could make grain be pressed to be round piece, be carved characters,intricate shapes and double color piece tablets.
It is widely used in electronic,food,commodity,pharmaceutical and other industry.


1.ZP31D is a kind of double-press and continuous automatical tablet press machine.
2.Machine surface is covered with stainless steel material which conforms to GMP standard
3. Machine is equipped with a transparent window, ones can clearly see the performance of the machine and open it entirely. So it's easy to clean and maintain.
4.Transmitting system is sealed in the oil box under the working area, which works separately. No pollution and easy to send out heat and reduce noise and abrasion.
5. Machine is equipped with over-load protection apparatus. When pressure overloads,the machine will stop automatically so as to avoid damaging to the machine.
6. Powder suction device is attached to clear away the residual powder during operation.
7. Machine speed could be adjusted, and it's easy to operate.

8. Wearing parts such as top track, feeder,hopper, driving worm have a common structure with ZP33 machine parts, which is conducive to standardization, generalization and serialization.

Main Technical Specifications:

Dies 31sets
Max.pressure 80KN
Max.dia of tablet 18mm
Max. depth of fill 15mm
Max. thickness of tablet 6mm
Turret speed 14-36rpm
Max. production capacity 130,000pcs/h
Motor 380V 50HZ 4KW 1400rpm
Overall dimensions  1240*980*1650mm
Net weight 1850kg

The image of the ZP31D rotary tablet machine:

This Price is for 1set ZP31D rotary tablet press machine.Please tell us your prefer shipping method, if you want to import this machine and pass custom with broker service, we also can provide custom broker service, but you need to prepaid 1000usd for custom broker/custom clearence/tax etc......Please contact us.

Our custom broker service included all following Charges:
1,Broker Entry Fee ABI Processing Fee Account Setup
2,US Customs Duty
3,US Customs-MPF
4,Duty Disbursement Fee
5,Airline Handling Fee
6,UPS Courier
8,Lift-gate&Pallet Jack Fee
9,Administration Fee

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