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ZP19 Rotary Tablet Making Machine for Chocolate
This is ZP19 Rotary Tablet Press Machine manufactured by KOS Industry company
Item ID #A0064

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Main Application:

ZP19 rotary tablet machine is used to press granular materials into ordinary or intricated shaped tablet.
It is widely used in electronic,food,commodity,pharmaceutical and other industry.


1. Machine is covered with stainless steel material which conforms to GMP standards.
2. Machine is equipped with a transparent window, ones can clearly see the performance of the machine and opene it entirely. So it's easy to clean and maintain.
3. Machine could press tablets into various size and shapes, especially suitable for multispecies, small batch production.
4. Equipped with pressure overload protection device, to avoid damaging to the machine.
5. Sharing the same punch dies with ZP19 tablet press machine

Technique parameter:

Punch dis set: 19 sets
Max. pressure: 40 kn
Max. Diameter of tablet: 13mm
Max. Thickness of tablet: 6mm
Max. Depth of filling: 15mm
Max. Production capacity: 45600pc/h
Rotary speed of turret: 40r/min
Overall size: 880mm*750mm*1600mm
Net Weight:500kg

Model ZP15D ZP17D ZP19D
Die Number 15sets 17sets 19sets
Max.pressure of tablet                    60KN
Max.dia.of tablet 26mm 20mm 18mm
Max.depth of filling                     15mm
Max. thickness of tablet                      6mm
Max.throughput 31000pc/h 36000pc/h 45600pc/h
Motor           2.2kw 940r/min 380V/50HZ
Turret speed                      40r/min
Outline dim.                      615*890*1415mm
Weight                      500kg

The image of the ZP19 rotary tablet machine:

This Price is for 1set ZP19 rotary tablet press machine.Please tell us your prefer shipping method, if you want to import this machine and pass custom with broker service, we can provide custom bro ker service, but you need to prepaid 1000usd for custom broker/custom clearence/tax etc......Please contact us.

Our custom broker service included all following Charges:
1,Broker Entry Fee ABI Processing Fee Account Setup
2,US Customs Duty
3,US Customs-MPF
4,Duty Disbursement Fee
5,Airline Handling Fee
6,UPS Courier
8,Lift-gate&Pallet Jack Fee
9,Administration Fee

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