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THP Flower-Basket Tablet Press Machine
Product name: THP Flower Tablet Press Machine Category: Pharmaceutical machine Package Size: 685*565*1610mm Net Weight(kg): 520
Item ID #A0016

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Product Name:THP Flower-Basket Tablet Press

Main Application:

This machine is a kind of flower basket type, continuous automatic tablet press which is a pharmaceutical chemical industry, food processing, electronics and other industrial department granular materials piece or infusion of one of the necessary equipment, it is suitable for small batch production, laboratory, hospital and other departments pressing tablets, catalyst, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee, powder metallurgy, electronic components and various agricultural fertiliser tablets, etc. It can suppress a variety of special-shaped, ring tablet, and can suppress double-sided engraved with trademarks, text and simple graphics tablet.

Main Technical Parameters:

The Maximum Film Pressure Pressure (40 kn)
largest Tablet Diameter (mm)30
Maximum Filling Depth (mm), 25
Largest Tablet Thickness (mm), 22
Annular Aperture (mm) 5-10
Circular Piece Of Filling depth (mm) 25
The Host Weight (kg) 520
Production Capacity 3000 (pcs/h)
Motor Power (kw) 1.1
Overall Dimensions (mm) 685 x565x1610

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