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TDP-1.5 punch dies machine 240 voltage 50Hz special for Australia with custom clearance service.
TDP-1.5 punch dies machine 240voltage 50Hz special for Australia with custom clearance service.
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1. Tell us what is your voltage in your country and the Hz you need. 110V 50HZ??
2. This TDP-1.5 punch dies machine will supply a set of round punch die freely (6mm diameter). If you need to custom make other stamp on punch die. You could send us your design picture.

3. This price is for DHL free shipping in fast 2days arrived!!!! This price is a little higher than other supplier. But our shipping service is offical fast DHL shipping service in 2days arrived!!!! That is very fast service!!!!

When the machine arrive at your country, we can help you to custom clearance. But you still need to pay custom tax. If you want to order it online, please go to http://www.tabletpresspillpress.com

TDP-1.5 punch diesTDP-1.5 punch dies machineSingle punch tablet press machine

Main Application

TDP series single punch tablet press machine, used for pressing different kinds of materials into tablets, can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospitals, scientific research units, laboratory trial-produced and small batch production.



1. Excellent performance, strong adaptability, convenient operation

2. Easy maintenance, small outsize and light weight

3. Material filling and depth adjusted

4. Machine could be operated by electricity and hands

5. Machine could press different tablet size and tablet shape by changing mould.


Technique parameter

Max. Pressure: 15kN

Max. dia. Of tablet: 12mm

Max. Depth of fill: 12mm

Thickness of largest tablet: 6mm

Production capacity: 6000pcs/h

Motor: 0.37KW

Overall size: 700mm*370mm*800mm

The host weight (kg) 110


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