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Mario Punch Dies and RTP9 Tablet Press For Sale
Mario is 3D punch and dies; RTP9 is tablet press with 9 stations of punch and dies. If you order RTP9 with Mario dies, the price is lower than one when you order them separately.
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Mario Punch and Dies:



RTP9: Tablet Press with 9 Stations,

1)This is a compact type of the automatic rotation and continuous tablet press, mainly used in the technical research in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and other industries, and it is an important equipment for determining whether the grain materials can be pressed into tablets. 
2)The raw materials of powder or granules are compacted into tablets.
3)The tablets can be round, triangle, or other irregular shaped, and even the ring-like tablets. 
4)But it is not applicable to semi-solid, wet grain or powders, and the materials with low melting point.

● The machine is compliant with the GMP requirement on the production of pharmaceuticals.
● The compression parts are entirely separated from the driving mechanism.
● The compression area, specially treated, is enclosed with transparent organic glass, effectively preventing contamination and cross-contamination. All surface is smooth and glossy to easy cleaning and maintaining. 
● The mechanical buffer unit will prevent punches and apparatus from overload damage.
Product details:
 RTP9 Application
 ZP9 Tablet Press

RTP9 Rotary Table


Technical Parameters:

Punch dis set: 9 sets
Max. pressure: 40 kn
Max. Diameter of tablet: 12mm
Max. Thickness of tablet: 6mm
Max. Depth of filling: 15mm
Max. Production capacity: 16200pc/h
Dia. of turret: 200mm
Rotary speed of turret: 0-30r/min
Dia. of center form: 26mm
Height of center form: 22mm
Dia. Of upper/lower punching bar: 22mm
Length of upper/lower punching bar: 115mm
Overall size: 450mm*635mm*1100mm
Motor power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 220v/380v

Notice: The price is just ZP9A machine(3 shipments) and Mario shipped to USA with free DHL shipping. If you are from other countries or interested in other types of Dies, please contact us: punch-dies@hotmail.com.
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