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DP-30 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine
Product name: DP-30 single punch tablet press machine category: Pharma machine Package size: 710*460*750mm Net weight: 150kg
Item ID #A0017

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Experimental tablet press DP30 A characteristics of the equipment:

Laboratory tablet press good appearance, all controller and operating a rational layout, small tablet is a kind of to meet the requirements of GMP equipment

Laboratory tableting machine has compressed tablets of high precision, the working process of the smooth, low noise, pressure is big

Raw materials for low dissipation (lowest experimental raw material usage is only 200 grams)

Variable frequency speed regulating device is adopted to improve the electric control of motor speed, easy operation, steady running, safe and accurate

Laboratory tablet press is equipped with overload protection device, when the pressure overload, can automatically stop

Wearing parts as orbit, feeder, hopper, worm transmission, powder again according to the standardization, generalization and seriation production

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Product Name:  Single Stamping Machine

Professional Models:  DP30

Die Number:  1a

Production Of Products:  3600/ per hour

Tablet Diameter:  20mm

Tablet Thickness:  7.5mm

Filling Depth:  15mm

Pressure Of Work:  60KN

The Power Supply Voltage:  220V

The Motor Power:  0.55kW

Motor Frequency:  50hz

The Contour Length:  708mm

Shape Width:  459mm

The Contour Height:  740mm

Net Weight:  150kg

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