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Blister Packaging Machine and RTP9 Tablet Making Machine
If you order ZP9A Rotary tablet press and blister packaging machine together, a discount can be given。
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Blister Packaging Machine:

DPP-120H multifunctional Al-plastic(Al/Al) blister package machine, was innovatively design based on
the comprehensive advantages of domestic and foreign aluminum plastic packaging machine, the tablets
contact part was made by stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy materials, which applicable to
the pharmaceutical, food, health care products packaging industry plain tablets, sugar coated tablets,
capsules, but also can be packaged tomato sauce, chocolate sauce, honey and so on. It is widely used
in electronic, food, commodity, pharmaceutical and other industry.

1. China pharmaceutical packaging technology improvement and implementation of GMP
production equipment.
2. Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, mechanical traction.
3. Adjustable travel range from 30-100mm, accurate synchronization & convenient adjust.
4. Equipped with four standard stations (molding, heat sealing, indentation, punching and cutting) and
each station to install four stand columns to make adjust more convenient and stable operation;
5. Using plate mold, positive pressure molding, batch number, indentation & cutting line,  aluminum
foil / aluminum automatic discharge;
6. The configuration of one set universal feeder,  filling rate is as high as 99.5%;
7. The machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, adjustment and maintenance space etc

Product Details:
Blister packaging machine
blister packaging machine 1

Blister packaging machine2

blister packaging machine 6

blister packaging machine3

blister packaging machine details

Techinical Parameters of RTP9:
Max. pressure: 40 kn
Max. Diameter of tablet: 12mm
Max. Thickness of tablet: 6mm
Max. Depth of filling: 15mm
Max. Production capacity: 16200pc/m
Dia. of turret: 200mm
Rotary speed of turret: 0-30r/min
Dia. of center form: 26mm
Height of center form: 22mm
Dia. Of upper/lower punching bar: 22mm
Length of upper/lower punching bar: 115mm
Overall size: 450mm*635mm*1100mm
Motor power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 220v/380v

Product Details of RTP9:

Blister packaging machine and tablet press

tablet press application

1. The price is just ZP9A machine and blister packaging machine shipped to USA (excluded shipping cost). If you are from other countries, please contact us: punch-dies@hotmail.com. We will give you a new quotation with best price.


Delivery Time: Within 10 days after your payment.

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