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TDP-6 Single Punch Tablet Press
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TDP-6 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Technique parameter

Max. Pressure: 60kn
Max. dia. Of tablet: 25mm
Max. Depth of fill: 16mm
Thickness of largest tablet: 8mm
Production capacity: 5000pcs/h
Motor: 1.1kw
Overall size: 700mm*500mm*900mm
Net weight: 140kg

Product description:

TDP-6 tablet press machine is a continuous pressing electric machine, also can use by hand. TDP-6 just can install 1 set punch dies so it's a single press machine. But you can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets. The tablets may have impressed characters or symbols on both sides. The depth of filling and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted. TDP-6 pill press machine can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospitals, laboratory trial-produced and small batch production. TD-6 pill making machine can make the strong tablet, the max. diameter of tablet can up to 25mm.

Upgraded version:


1. Easy to install, use, maintain and move.
2. High efficient, operated by electricity also can used by hand.
3. The depth of filling and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted.
4. Excellent performance, high-efficiency, strong adaptability.

Custom-made service:

1. Custom make the motor.
2. Custom make the pill stamp.

This price is for 1pcs TDP-6 tablet press machine with Free DHL shipping. If you want to order it online, please go to http://www.tabletpresspillpress.com

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