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RTP9A Rotary Tablet Press Machine Upgraded to 2.2kw
This is an upgraded version for ZP9A rotary tablet press machine whose motor power is up to 2.2kw.
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Notice:This RTP-9A rotary tablet press machine is upgraded with a stronger motor up to
2.2kw, which will generate much stronger powder when you press larger or harder tablets.

Technique Parameter:
Punch dies set: 9 set
Max. pressure: 40 kn
Max. Diameter of tablet: 12mm
Max. Thickness of tablet: 6mm
Max. Depth of filling: 15mm
Max. Production capacity: 16200pc/h
Dia. of turret: 200mm
Rotary speed of turret: 0-30r/min
Dia. of center form: 26mm
Height of center form: 22mm
Dia. Of upper/lower punching bar: 22mm
Length of upper/lower punching bar: 115mm
Overall dimension: 450mm*635mm*1100mm
Motor power: 2.2kw
Voltage: 220v/380v
Net weight: 200kg

Product description:
This RTP9A rotary tablet press machine is an updated version and the motor power is upgraded to 2.2kw .
When you press bigger or harder tablets, a larger power will be generated so that to improve the efficiency of the machine.
The machine is made of stainless steel which can make the surface lustrous.
This RTP9A pill press machine is totally in compliance with the GMP requirement on the production of pharmaceutical.
Also the custom service is satisfactory in KOS company.

1.High quality, all stainless steel
2.Reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof sysytem
3.High visibility isolated door to prevent cross contamination
4.Easily remove parts for quick machine's maintenance


This price is for one Kos-9A rotary tablet press machine shipped to USA or Canada with FREE DHL shipping.
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