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It is important for you to find a heavy duty punch press machine which does the highest quality work in the shortest time. We are proud to sell high quality, precision engineered TDP punch dies and associated tooling for top down press machinery. We can have any tooling manufactured to the highest standard for you. We have tirelessly worked with our suppliers over many years to create and manufacture products which are as reliable as they are refined. All of our stock of TDP die stamps are manufactured to micrometre precision from 316 Toughened Steel. Our unique TDP die heads are formed using the latest technology in spark erosion enabling us to achieve extremely high detail on every design and shaped tablet stamps. Custom punch die sets and pharmaceutical machinery tooling for all your tableting requirements. We have a wide range of stock which you can see from the items we have listed on our website. If there is a custom piece of tooling you need then please contact us.
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