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Long life handheld manual pill press for TDP-0 TDP-1.5 TDP-5 TDP-6 tablet press
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buy handheld tablet press

(1) Why buy from us?


1.     Long life quality, made in metal mold steel. Not wood or plastic!!!!!!!!!

2.     High precision working, it is compatible with TDP-0/TDP-1.5/TDP-5/TDP-6 machine dies.

3.     Special new function!! It can adjust the filling depth for your powder, so you can make different thickness of  tablets that  you want  to make!!!!

Note:This handheld pill maker,it can make Round pills/Cartoon pills/Animals pills/Shaped pills,It can't make Rectangle pills or harder Pills.Like:Xanax/G3722/GG249…..etc..

handheld tablet press4

(2) How to work?

1.     Put the stamp punch inside

handheld tablet press5

6handheld tablet press


2.     Fit the middle die


   handheld tablet press7

handheld tablet press8


3.     Fill the powder

handheld tablet press9

handheld tablet press10

4.     Put another punch on


handheld tablet press11

handheld tablet press12

5.     Bomb..Bomb..Bomb by hammer!

handheld tablet press13

6.     Take out your pills / tablets


handheld tablet press14

handheld tablet press15

handheld tablet press16

handheld tablet press17



(3) This price is for 1pcs handheld manual pill maker.It include 1pcs pill dies / tablet dies / pill stamp. Please choose one pill stamp as you like.

pill stamp


 we also can help you to custom made any pill stamp! 


Any question/request, please contact us with professional/fast service: kostooling@hotmail.com

You also can go down to write a review for your any question/request!!! 

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