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Round shape dies/punch and die tooling/punch dies/pill press die for ZP rotary tablet press machine
Product Name: ZP one piece Rotary tablet press machine punch dies/Pill press / pill press machine/pill press stamps/ pill press dies/shipping by DHL
Category: Other Replacement Parts
Item ID #E0124
PROMOTION:  Order 3pcs Pill dies,Free extra 1pcs.(3+1)
Min Order:3pcs Pill dies
Payment Tern: Bank Wire
Please contact us: Punch-dies@hotmail.com

Notice: This item does not support PAYPAL and credit card payments, if you do so, we will refund you and hope for other feasible payment methods.

This price is a single set of die including one pcs upper punch /one pcs middle die and one pcs lower punch
When you make the order to us or have any question/ request, please you have to leave message to us. If you want to get fast service from us, please message your phone or MSN/ SKYPE/ EMAIL to us. Before you order, you must let us know below infos:

1. Please tell us which kind of round shape you would like .There are 6kinds of round shapes. Please choose a kind that you prefer.

kos custom punch dies

2. Please let us know what diameter you want to make? 10mm tablets? 8mm tablets? 9mm?

pill dies diameter

3. Please don’t make any modification after you place order, because all the punch-dies are customized.

1. Before we start to custom pill dies for you, we will confirm your order detail with you. All custom dies will be made by our agreement. So please confirm your order detail carefully.

2. Please confirm your order info(machine model/pill size/pill stamp) with us as soon as possible. Otherwise the delivery time will delay. Normally, we need 7-15 days to finish your order after you confirm the order info with us. Thanks.

The pictures shows the stamping dies only suitable for our ZP series (ZP-5 ZP-7 ZP-9A ZP-9B ZP-12 ZP-16) tablet presses. But we can custom make other brands or models tablet press machines pill dies for you. We offer the tablet toolings and punch die sets for most of the tablet presses, some of them are listed below: Fette, Manesty, Courtoy, Korsh, Daniel, JCMC, Cadmach, Killian, Erweka, Hata, Narong, Kikusi, Ronchi, Natoli, Hansect, Stokes, Clit, Horn, Colton. If you need the punch and die set for your own tabletting machine not our ZP series tabletting machine, please send us your drawings or samples, we will make them for you as your requirements.

Any question/ request, please contact us with professional/ fast service: Punch-dies@hotmail.com.

You also can go down to write a review for your any question/ request!!!

Delivery time:10-15days

DHL shipping time:3-5days