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Multi-tip tablet tooling round shape punch and die tooling for rotary tablet press
Product Name: Multi tips punch dies
Item Code: 20130120
Category: Rotary Tablet Press Machines Tooling
Package Size: 15.0 * 15.0 * 10.0 ( cm )
Gross Weight/Package: 1 ( kg )
Item ID #E0126
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Min Order:3pcs Pill dies
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Introduction of KOS multi tip punches

KOS understands the demand for increased productivity within modern tablet production. We are always striving to ensure that our punches and dies are at the very leading edge of tooling design, allowing our customers to retain a competitive edge. To assist our partners in their quest for increased capacity we developed our Multi-Tip tooling.

Multi tip punch dies we manufacture are used for compressing more than one tablet at each station. Normally, one punch compresses one tablet, but not always. Multi-tip punches, more common in Europe, have only recently become accepted in the USA. The multi-tip tool configuration is engineered to compress more than one tablet at a time, with the total number of tablets dictated by the punch size, tablet size, compression and ejection forces, and the characteristics of the granulation.

Increase your production capacity while saving money! This equals not only a cost savings but also a production time savings!

Increase your tablet output with multiple tip tablet tools from KOS! With over 10 years of tooling experience, KOS has the expertise and the technology creating enhanced tooling designs utilizing multiple tips for increased output which result in long term cost savings.

Multi-tip tools allow you to produce at a minimum - double your normal output in the same amount of time for your current run! Depending upon the tablet size and the number of tips that can be used on one tool, you can increase your output substantially over your normal output.

Multi-tip punches come in two configurations, as a solid punch or as an assembly with multiple parts. The solid-punch configuration is easier to clean and ensures that the punch tips align in the die; unfortunately, if even one tip is damaged, the entire punch is unusable and must be discarded. With the solid configuration, it is also more difficult to polish individual punch faces using a soft cotton wheel. The assembly-style multi-tip punch, however, allows you to separate the punch tips from the punch body by removing a cap and/or set screws. If a punch tip is damaged, you simply remove and replace it and return the punch to service. To clean the assembly punch, it must be disassembled, cleaned, dried thoroughly, and reassembled. That can require substantial labor.

Benefits of KOS Multiple Tip Tooling
◆ Increase in productivity - Number of tablets per turret rotation is multiplied by the number of tips.
◆ Reduces operating costs, compress more than one tablet at a time.
◆ Reduction in press run-time per output of tablets means that less maintenance is required per batch of tablets produced.
◆ Reduction in press setup-time per output of tablets.
◆ Reduce the number of tablet press machines to satisfy output therefore requiring less floor space leading to more product produced per Sq Metre.
◆ Fewer tools require less storage space leaving room for production equipment.
◆ All of these points lead to a reduction in overall plant running costs.
When you make the order to us, please you have to leave message to us. Before you order, you must let us know below infos:
1. Please let us know what data of the die you want (what is your machine / how many tips you want /the diameter you want )
The diameter and tips are  based on your machine.So please tell us what machine model before you make order.
2. This price is a full set of punch dies. It include 1pcs up-punch, 1pcs low-punch, 1pcs die.
3. Please don't modify your order after place an order because punch dies are customized.

1. Before we start to custom pill dies for you, we will confirm your order detail with you. All custom dies will be made by our agreement. So please confirm your order detail carefully.
2. Please confirm your order info(machine model/pill size/pill stamp) with us as soon as possible. Otherwise the delivery time will delay. Normally, we need 7-15 days to finish your order after you confirm the order info with us. Thanks.

Any Question/request, please contact us with professional/fast service: Punch-dies@hotmail.com.

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