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Custom make tablet punch dies for RONCHI tablet press tooling replacement parts
Item ID #E0362
PROMOTION:  Order 3pcs Pill dies,Free extra 1pcs.(3+1)
Min Order:3pcs Pill dies
Payment Tern: Bank Wire
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Notice: This item does not support PAYPAL and credit card payments, if you do so, we will refund you and hope for other feasible payment methods.

This price is for 1 set tabet punch dies for ronchi tablet press tooling replacement parts.
1 set included 1 pcs top punch, 1 pcs bottom punch and 1 pcs middle die.
It is made in long life steel and high precision processed technic.

We can custom make tablet tooling for ronchi TE-31, AR-18, FA Tablet Press, GA Tablet Press, SA Tablet Press, PA Tablet press..etc…