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High quality metal dies of letter Heine-ken stamping dies and punches for TDP5 single t
Customized Heineken stamp dies and punches for TDP-5.
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1. Please confirm your TDP-5 machine same as below photo?

TDP-5 tablet press machine

2. This item is for 12mm irregular shape punch and dies with stamping design “Heine-ken” for TDP-5 single tablet press machine.
Heineken logo stamp punch

Tablet Shape: Irregular shape
Tablet Size(mm): 12mm
Tablet Pattern: One side: Heine-ken logo , another side: Break line
Each set includes: 1 upper punch, 1 bottom punch and 1 middle die

Punches and dies specification:
Middle Die: Dia. 37mm Height: 22mm
Up Punch: Height: 42mm
Bottom Punch: Height: 42mm
Tablet Size: 12mm

More Information of the punches and dies:
KOS INDUSTRY will help our customers make the high quality and precise punch dies set as your request.

1. What machine are these punched and dies suitable for?
They are suitable for TDP-5 tablet press and other pill press machine for sale.

2. Custom die punch available?
YES, customization is acceptable.Cartoon shape pill press stamps,3D shape die punch,Intricate drawings,and any special requirements of Pill stamp KOS INDUSTRY also can help you produce.

3. How to use a punch and die set?
These punch and die need to be installed in the TDP-5 tablet press,and it also can work in hand held pill press.

Caution: Custimized stamp dies are available in KOS INDUSTRY.
Message us your request.

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