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Make a punch and die mold for President head stamp for TDP-1.5 tablet press
Obama stamp punch and die mold from KOS INDUSTRY
Item ID #E0685

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1. Please confirm your TDP-1.5 machine same as below photo?

TDP-1.5 tablet press machine

2. This item is for 12mm President Obama character irregular shape stamp punches and dies for TDP-1.5.
12mm President Obama character stamp punch dies set

Tablet Shape: Irregular shape (President character shape)
Tablet Size(mm): 12mm
Tablet Pattern: One side: President Obama character , another side: Blank
Each set includes: 1 upper punch, 1 bottom punch and 1 middle die


1. Please check the diameter , certain shape and which type machine you have used.
2. Special pattern and size can be customized for you. Please contact us!
3. Custom a mold need 10-15days to custom make.

Punches and dies specification:
Middle Die: Dia. 28mm Height: 17mm
Up Punch: Height: 40mm
Bottom Punch: Height: 40mm
Tablet Size: 12mm

Cartoon shape punches and dies from KOS INDUSTRY:

1.Custom make are available in KOS INDUSTRY.
2.Making high precision punches and dies.
3.Message us the pill shape/stamp/size to us and KOS can help you make the punches and dies.
4.Using the high quality steel to make the punches and dies.
5.Provide FAST DHL shipping and professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.How long you need to custom make the punch press die sets?
KOS INDUSTRY need 10-15 days to custom-make punch press die sets.

2.How can I place an order?
Choosing the products you like then click the button “Add to cart”, check the details of your order then choose the payment methods you like.

3.Can you custom make my cartoon logo punch and die for me?
Yes, please let us know your pill logo/shape/size.

Delivery time:10-15days

DHL shipping time:3-5days