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Custom made irregular hexagon shape with cartoon spartan stamp punch and die for TDP-1.5 tablet pres
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1. Please confirm your TDP-1.5 machine same as below photo?

TDP-1.5 tablet press machine

This item can press the 10mm hexagon shape punch and die with cartoon logo spartan stamp punch for TDP-1.5 tablet press machine.
10mm hexagon shape punch and die

Tablet Shape: Hexagon shape
Tablet Size(mm): 10mm
Tablet Pattern: One side: Cartoon Spartan logo Another side: Blank
Tablet style: Flat face bevel edged

Punches and dies specification:
Middle Die: Dia. 28mm Height: 17mm
Up Punch: Height: 40mm
Bottom Punch: Height: 40mm
Tablet Size: 10mm

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Can you custom make my cartoon logo punch and die for me?
Yes, please let us know your pill logo/shape/size and KOS INDUSTRY can help you custom make it.

2. Why you punch and die not fit my tablet press machine?
Please measure the size of your punch and die set, and we can custom make the exact punch and die as your size.

3. How long will you ship my order?
For the in stock punch set, we can ship it within 3 days business day.
For the custom make punch set, it need 10-15 days to produce the punch and die.

Caution: Custimized stamp dies are available in KOS INDUSTRY.Message us your request.
Need 10-15days to custom make.

Delivery time:10-15days

DHL shipping time:3-5days