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Custom make square shape Sound could logo punching dies for TDP-0 handheld tablet press
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1. Please confirm your TDP-0 machine same as below photo?

TDP-0 tablet press machine

2. This item is for 12*12mm square shape flat face bevel edged punching dies with sound cloud logo for TDP-0 handheld tablet press.
Sound could logo punching dies

Tablet Shape: square shape
Tablet Size(mm): 12*12mm
Tablet Pattern: One side: Letter”SOUNDCLOUD” and sound cloud logo Another side: Break line
Tablet style: Flat face bevel edged
Each set includes: 1 upper punch, 1 bottom punch and 1 middle die

Punches and dies specification:
Middle Die: Dia. 28mm Height: 17mm
Up Punch: Height: 40mm
Bottom Punch: Height: 40mm
Tablet Size: 12*12mmmm

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Can this punching dies fit for handheld press machine?
YES, this punching dies are suitable for TDP-0, TDP-1.5 and other handheld press machine.

2. Can you make my logo in the punch dies?
Yes, KOS INDUSTRY can help you custom make any shape/size/stamp/logo punch dies. We can help you custom make the die mold as your request.

1.Custimized stamp dies are available in KOS INDUSTRY.
Message us your request.
2.Need 10-15days to custom make.

Delivery time: 10-15days

DHL shipping time: 3-5days