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Round shape stamp die DP-30 single punch pill press die / pill press die for DP-30
Round shape stamp die DP-30 single punch pill press die / pill press die for DP-30
Item ID #E0120
PROMOTION:  Order 3pcs Pill dies,Free extra 1pcs.(3+1)
Min Order:3pcs Pill dies
Payment Tern: Bank Wire
Please contact us: Punch-dies@hotmail.com

About this two conditions, we will re-make a new one and re-send for you.
     When you make the order to us, please you have to leave message to us. Before you order, you must let us know below infos:
1. Please choose which kind of round shape you like .
round shape photo
2. Please let us know which stamp you will choose for your punch dies... Please choose the stamp number from our punch dies photo.
stamp photo
3. Please let us know what diameter you want to make? 10mm tablets? 8mm tablets? 9mm? (DP-30 the maximum diameter is 20mm)
diameter photo
4. If you don't like our stamp design, you can send us your stamp/LOGO design. We can custom make it for you. We also will calculate the total cost again, so you can make a new order for your custom design.
5. Try to message us your mobile phone number, so we can provide fast and good service! Any question before order, please message us firstly.
1. This price is a full set of punch dies. It include 1pcs up-punch, 1pcs low-punch, 1pcs die 

2. Please don't modify your order after place an order because punch dies are customized

Any question/ request, please contact us with professional/ fast service: Punch-dies@hotmail.com

You also can go down to write a review for your any question/ request!!!

Delivery time:10-15days

DHL shipping time:3-5days
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