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Single-pan capsule/ tablet counter 220 voltage 50HZ
Weight 52KG | Outline Dim. 600*500*700mm
Item ID #A0039


When you make the order to us, please you have to leave message to us. Before you order, you must let us know below infos:

1. What kind of tablet or capsule you want to count. tablet or capsule ??
2. Please tell us the diameter size of the tablet or what is the capsule model (00#-5#) because the count plate need to be customized.

If you need to buy other below model for big quantity filling, please message us.

Introduction and Features

Single-pan capsule/ tablet counter machine is used for counting the drugs or foods like the capsule, tablet, grain, etc. It is mainly used in the fields such as pharmaceutical, hospital and foodstuff. The whole machine is made of the stainless steel.

The counting plate adopts unique design; it can count and fill the tablet and capsule.

It adopts “Eccentric screen” structure and frequency converter, overcoming the problem of loud noise, easy damaged, difficult adjusted, etc.

It is characterized by small volume, light weight, accurate counting, simple operation, etc. The contact surface of countered material is also made of stainless steel. It is the ideal counting equipment for vial, bag or can products in various relevant industries.

Main Technical Parameters

Dia. of Counting Slide: 400mm
Hole No. of Counting Slide: 5-100(Optional)
Production Capacity: 12-26 vials (bags)/min
Main Motor Power: 15W Gear speed adjusted motor
Vibration Motor Power:120W Gear speed adjusted motor
Supply Voltage: 220V/50Hz(Single-phase)

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