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Semi-automatic capsule filling machine free DHL shipping
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This price is for 1pcs semi-automatic capsule filling machine with free airplane shipping. It include 1pcs mould of capsule. When you order, please message us which size of capsule that you need(0# or 1# or 2#..optional.). If you need to buy more other capsule size, please message us! Thanks.

When the machine arrive at your country. You need to pay custom tax yourself and go to customs clearance by yourself.

A. Performance Principle

KOS-187 semi-automatic capsule filling machine is improved base on traditional capsule filling and locking machine, and now with advantage of higher arraying speed, higher efficient, easier operation, easier maintain, lower electricity consumption, etc. which is top choose in pharmaceutical, health protection, etc industry.

This machine consists of capsule cap and body arraying machine and locking machine. Capsule filling plate consists of capsule cap plate, capsule body plat and middle plate. The capsule cap and body arraying plate bases on capsule characters of heavy capsule head and light capsule mouth, under vibrate of shaft to make capsule head adown, and capsule mouth go up, then push into capsule filling plate and drive active exchange plate, the capsule will go into the hole of filling plate to complete arraying work. Capsule filling plate is to fill products into capsule body, and make capsule cap match capsule body by middle plate; capsule pressing plate is to locking capsule in filling plate, while length can be according user's requirement.

It can be suitable for filling #00-#4 capsules (should change mould for filling different capsules).

B. Main Character

1. Main Parts: feeder and operate panel adopts stainless steel, which accord to GMP demand.
2. With advantage of easy structure, low electricity consumption, high productive efficient, easy maintain and clean, low malfunction rate.
3. It can be suitable for filling #00, #0, #1, #2, #3 capsules, and suitable for filling powder and pellets, and also can be suitable for filling product with high viscosity which is not suitable for automatic capsule filling machine.
4. It is with easy operation, can learn how to operate within 10 minute; easy to change mould for different capsule, which only need 20 minute.
5. Capsule filling rate can be up to 100%, capsule locking rate can be more than 99.8%, and will not damage capsule.

C. Technical Parameters

Place of Origin: Taiwan
Capacity: 10,000 granule/ hour
Brand Name: kos
Control Mode: Semi-Automatic
Model Number: KOS-187
Weight: 135KG
Packing: wooden
Delivery: By sea or Airplane
Power: 380V or 110V or 220V 50HZ
Power Consumption: 370W
Overall Dimension: 900mm x 500mm x 950mm
Weight: 130 KG

Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Any question/ request, please contact us with professional / fast service: kostooling@hotmail.com
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