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Blister packing machine, 80 x 57mm, DPT130, medicine packing machine
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Item Specifics:

is_Customized: Yes
Brand Name: KOS
Model Number: DPT130
Weight:: 400KG
Punch Frequency: 30 or 40 times / min
Capacity: 72,000-96,000 pcs/hour
Blanking Plate Number: 2 plate/times
Standard Strip: 80 x 57mm
Overall Size: 1700x 900 x


1. This machine is used in heating roller contact heating method, PVC plate, DPT aluminum foil as the packing material, in the form of plate blister.

2. On the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad to develop into a small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine.

3. It’s an ideal equipment for a small pharmaceutical factory, hospital preparations, health care products company, institute of pharmaceutical industry.

4. Roller heat sealing performance is good, synchronization is correct, simple structure, complete functions, convenient mould replacement, simple operation, stable performance.

5. The machine internal heating on the suction blister forming, filling, reticulate heat sealing, batch number, type, horizontal edge blanking and waste treatment can one-time continuously complete packaging.

Scope Of Application:

1. Suitable for all kinds of capsules, tablets, food, chemical industry, electronic components and other items of blister type aluminum, plastic composite seal packing.

2. Suitable for capsule, capsule, sugar pill, milk tablets, pills, candy bars, needles, suppositories, electronic components, syringes, iv and veterinary medicine tablets, etc.

Main Technical Date:




72,000 - 96,000 pcs / hour

Punching Frequency

30 or 40 times / min

Plate Size(Standard Strip)

80 x 57mm (depend on your product)

Packing Material

PVC hard piece: thickness: 0.2~0.4mm width: 130~160mm PTP aluminum foil: thickness: 0.02~0.03mm width: 130~160mm

Blanking Plate Number

2 plates / times




110V / 220V / 240V / 380V /50-60HZ

Overall Size

1700 x 900 x 1400mm

Packing Size

1900 x 1100 x 1600mm



This kind of packing machine need to custom make, we can custom make good quality blister packaging machine for your pills/ tablets/ capsules.

Before you order this machine, please read carefully the following information and message us your all request detail.

Before you making order, please contact us! Thanks!

1. Please send us your product packing sample and the blister. We can custom make good packaging machine for your product.

2. How to package your pills/ tablets/ capsules?

A: Your pills/ tablets/ capsules size?


B: Your blister packaging size?


C. How to rank your pills/ tablets/ capsules?

3 or 4

The Sample


The Sample



3. The blanking plate number of this model is 2plates/ times, if you want 3 or 4 plates/ times. please contact us, we can custom for you. So the price is different.

4. The machine include a free set of suitable for the mould of the sample, if you want more other molds, please let us know and send other samples to us.

5. If you want to custom make more other molds for your products, please contact us before you make order.

6. This price is for 1pcs DPT-130 blister machine, don’t include any shipping cost. Please message us which shipping way that you like, Sea or DHL or Airplane. We will calculate all cost for this machine before you order. Thanks!

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