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Automatic Vertical Granule Powder Packaging Machine
Packing Machine for Granular, Powdery Material
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This vertical, computer-controlled packaging machine is the best and most economical solution for many

companies with its high production efficiency, packaging automation and low cost. It’s suitable for packing

loose, non-sticky granules or material that easily drifts. The machine can keep the material moisture-proof,

fresh and prevent it from being tainted by other odor.


It is suitable for automatically packing loose and non-sticky pellets, granular and powdered materials

in various industries, such as salt, sugar, beans, milk powder, flour, soybean powder, medicine

powder, washing powder etc. 

Technical Parameter

Production capacity: 40-60 bags/min
Filling range: 0.2-50g
Bag size: L:40-160mm W:40-200mm
Sealing: 3- or 4-side sealing
Power: 1180W
Voltage: 220V/50-60HZ
Packing material: Paper / the polyethylene, Polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene, nylon / polyethylene, tea filter paper etc.
Net weight: 250KG


1. It is controlled by a micro computer, PLC control system, wide vision touch screen.

2. Bag-making, sealing, packing and printing date can be done in one machine.

3. With a compact structure, the machine is convenient to operate and maintain.

4. Noiseless stepping motor to improve steady working conditions and decrease vibration and noise.

5. Top quality components and the best workmanship.

Packaging Materials:

Paper / polyethylene, polyethylene / aluminum plating, polyester / polyethylene, polypropylene,

and other packaging material that can be thermally sealed.


Before use, make sure all the assembly parts of the machine are in good condition. The machine

works on the principles of vibration and distribution. It is necessary to remove the fixed screws of

certain parts under the vibrator before use so the machine can work normally.


This price is for one set Automatic Vertical Granule Powder Packaging Machine  free DHL
shipping to USA/Canada. If you come from another country or need sea shipping, 
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punch-dies@hotmail.com. and a new quotation will be given to you.
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