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Single Pill Press Handheld TDP-0 Tablet Press Machine (Separate the machine in 2 parts ship to USA)
Item ID #G0011
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This item price 800USD just for 1 whole set manual TDP-0 machine be separated in 2 parts ship to US with Free DHL/EMS shipping !

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tdp0 tablet press

tdp0 tablet press

tdp0 tablet press

Technique parameter

Max. Pressure: 15kn
Max. dia. Of tablet: 12mm
Max. Depth of fill: 12mm
Thickness of largest tablet: 6mm
Production capacity: 30-50 pills/min ( According to personal hand speed )
Weight: 25kg
Overall size: 360mm*280mm*45mm

Product description:

TDP-0 is the hand held manual tablet press, no electricity without any power. It's small-size desktops pill press machine, easy to install, use, maintain and move. With the high performance and suitable for laboratory. This TDP-0 press machine can press variety of granular and powder material, you can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets. The tablets may have impressed characters or symbols on both sides. So pharmaceutical, agriculture, chemical industry etc are suitable to used as small batch production. TDP-0 table press machine just can install 1 set punch dies, the depth of filling and the thickness of the tablet can be adjust. You can change the different punch dies that you can press different products, it's so convenience!

How to work:

The main operation:
A.Fill the powder
B.Stamping by hand
C.Get the tablet

We will ship by EMS express delivery!

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