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Good XAN dies for TDP-5 tablet press machine
Good steel XAN dies for TDP-5 pressing machine from KOS INDUSTRY.
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This price is for good XAN punch dies for TDP5 tablet press machine. 

1 set XAN dies include 1pcs up punch, 1pcs low punch, 1pcs middle dies.

This is good dies, which is designed as original XAN pills. So it is good quality. It can help you to make good XAN Pills.

We work in CAD/CAM, So we can provide good design from original XAN Pills. And we choose good steel quality to keep your dies life.

If your machine is TDP-0/TDP-1.5/TDP-5/TDP-6 tablet press machine, Or other brand/model tablet press machine, you still can order this.

We will custom make for your request detail/or drawing/measure or punch dies sample or your pills sample.
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Delivery time:15days

DHL shipping time:5days
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