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manual hamburger patty press hand operated round meatball shaping machine /100/130mm
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This price is for 1pcs manual hamburger machine by free DHL shipping to USA/Canada. For this price, you can choose KOS-100 model or KOS-130 model.

KOS-100 can make Ф100mm hamburger.
KOS-130 can makeФ130mm hamburger.
KOS-100/KOS-130 model
specifications: Ф100mm/Ф130mm
Net Weight: 5.2kg
Gross Weight: 6kg
Net Size: 325×215×272mm
Packing Size: 275×220×295mm

This machine is constructed from highly polished satin finish anodized aluminium. It is ideal for takeaways, cafes, butchers etc.

Brand New
Durable Design
Hand Operated
Easy to clean with minimal servicing required.
Material: aluminium and stainless steel
Hamburger Diameter: 100/130mm
Lever operation allows control of compression and extraction of finished patty.
Produces uniform size & shaped burger patties.
Top container holds greaseproof paper separators for convenience 1 year warranty.

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