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Item Specifics:

Is_Customized: Yes
Application: Beverage, Liquid or Paste
Power: Pneumatic
Type: Filling Machine
Brand Name: KOS
Driven Type: Pneumatic
Condition: New
Packaging Material: Plastic
Packaging Type: Bottles
Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
Model Number: G1WY / G2WY / G1WG / G2WG

Product Description:

This series of filling machine is divided into two kinds of liquid and paste. It's more simple and reasonable structure, high precision, operation more convenient. It is suitable for medicine, cosmetic, food, pesticides and special industries, is of high viscosity fluid and paste filling an ideal equipment. The equipment is suitable for high viscosity fluid and paste filling .It was designed reasonable, model small, easy to operate. Pneumatic parts adopt Germany and Taiwan AirTac, shako festo pneumatic components. Rational design of the aircraft, model compact, easy to operate, are used pneumatic part of Germany and Taiwan AirTac festo the pneumatic components.Some contact materials are used 316 L stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP requirements.

Power Supply


Air Pressure


Filling Speed

5-20 bottles/min

Optional Model

5-100ml 10-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 300-2500ml 1000-5000ml

Filling Accuracy


G1WY Weight(5-100ml)



In order to let you buy the right products, please contact with us before you make a order. We have prepared a few questions to help you to select the suitable products.

(1) What do you want to fill? Liquid or paste?

You can also make a example, like water, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent.

(2) What filling rang do you want?

Such as 5-100ml 10-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 300-2500ml 1000-5000ml.

(3) Provide all of inner diameter size of your bottleneck.

(4) Whether need to floor, whether to need to stir or heating.

This price is for 1pcs G1WY(5-100ml ) single head liquid filling machine with free DHL shipping!!!

Because different filling rang, the weight of the machine and the size is different, the price is different. So please tell us before you want to make a order!!!

Model: G1WY(single head for liquid)


This type of pneumatic filling machine can be increased the nozzle, it referred to as double heads. The efficiency of the double heads filling machine is single head filling machine two times.

And the price is different. Double heads liquid filling machine are shown below. If you want to buy these, please tell us before you want to make a order!!!

Model: G2WY(double heads for liquid)


Filling Rang(ml)







Single Head
(liquid or paste)

Double Heads
(liquid or paste)

If you want to buy paste filling machine, please tell us filling rang and single head or double heads that you need, we will provide the quotation for your request!!!!

Single head paste and double heads paste filling machine are shown below.

Model: G1WG(single head for paste)

G1WGG1WG single head

Model: G2WG(single head for paste)

single head for pastesingle head
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