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Rotary Tablet Press Common Faults and Solutions
First, tablet press machine cannot start up

Check each protection device, such as lubrication protection, pressure overload protection, doors and Windows security protection, main motor overload protection, charging motor overload protection one by one, if still can't boot, it is supposed to find a professional electrical inspection line to find the reasons to solve.

Second, the equipment vibration of food press machine has abnormal sound


1, the synchronous belt is too tight or too loose, which calls for a moderate adjustment;

2, electrical machine and parts of the mechanical transmission generate periodic resonance, it should be used away from the vibration period of speed use;

3, long-term use results in transmission clearance, parts loosing, it is suggested to adjust the clearance and fasten parts;

4, the grain powder is sticky and too much, which results in the plug burst, it should adjust particle as a solution;

5, shaft abrasion, which is caused by the lack of oil, should take regular inspection and replacement;

6, Lord worm gear box lacking oil, abrasion, and generating noise, it is supposed to change lubricating oil regularly;

7, the pressure imbalance of dual pressure type tablet press on both sides, it should take adjustment.

Third, when it occurring the rail guide, plunger wears, the oil should be injected regularly, ensuring the lubrication of the rail guide, if damaged lightly, it is supposed to repair, once seriously, it should be replaced.

Fourth, when there is too much granular powder, and the adhesive force is small, it is supposed to reduce the powder and increase the adhesive. Besides, if there is small grain moisture content, it is supposed to moisturize, and if there is a high speed rotary tablet press machine, it should reduce the pressure to normal. What's more, if there is a large particle viscosity and low release agent, it should increase the release agent or layer before the production in the mold releasing agent; if the turntable is loose, then tighten the turntable, and if the environmental humidity is in high temperature, it should reduce the indoor humidity and temperature. Moreover, if the turret punching has been serious wore and tore, please repair or replace into a new turntable, says rotary tablet press manufacturers.

In use process equipment could also meet different problems, such as counter bad, tachometer failures, failures, etc and various problems, all in all that if wants a normal operation to produce high quality tablets, the first thing is to make good particles, which can be compressed, and realize the decompression machine, guaranteeing the equipment clean, and in gear lubrication, only by knowing fairly well, can you find the cause of the problem in time, and ensure the normal operation of machine, enjoy our reliable rotary tablet press machine.