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Lubrication and maintenance of machine
1. To lubricate friction surface of each moving member is of the main part to ensure the machine in normal operation and prolong useful life. Especially the machine idling will be quickly unavailable in case of each main moving member deficient in oil. Hence, lubricate all lubricators, oilholes and friction surfaces in the tablet press prior to use, and idle it to make each friction surface full of oil film, and then put it into use. Promptly lubricate each shift afterwards especially within limit, which can prevent overflow from contaminating tablet. For each lubricated parts and times, see the table as below.

No. Lubricated Parts Lubricated by Lubricated Times
1 Two lubricators for main shaft hole Butter 2-3 times
2 One oilhole for eccentric wheel housing Butter 2-3 times
3 One lubricator at the top end of pinion shaft Butter 2-3 times
4 Groove and roller of lifting cam (TDP-5 is groove and roller inside gearwheel) Butter Inspect to wipe out dirt from the surface of the groove in each shift, and add butter once
5 Groove and roller of feeding cam Butter Inspect in each shift and lubricate depending upon circumstances
6 Gearwheel surface Butter Inspect in each shift and lubricate depending upon circumstances
7 Oilhole for connecting rod Engine oil Once
8 Vibrating pivot of feeding rod Engine oil Once
9 Surface of upper punch mandrel Engine oil Once
10 Surface of lifting rod Engine oil Once

2. Inspect whether screws become flexible prior to each shift, and also frequently in operation. If screws are loosened, screw them for fear of trouble.

(1) Upper punch set nut, die setscrew, lower punch setscrew
(2) Connecting rod locknut and connecting rod pin setscrew
(3) Two lifting fork locknuts and holder screw
(4) Dies platen setscrew
(5) Lubricator setscrew
(6) Feeding rod attachment bolt and setscrew

3. Hand-operate several tablets at test pressure before each shift and after each shift. Electric tabletting is conducted in case of.

4. Frequently inspect die quality in tabletting. If chipped edge, deformation and damage are found, promptly replace for fear of machine failure and tablet quality unavailable.

5. Each day fetch the rest powdered particle after use and wipe off each machine member. If inactive time is too long, disassemble the lower punch die. Wipe off each friction surface and working surface of the machine to coat rust-preventative oil and cover dust coat. The die after being wiped off is immersed into oil for storage.

6. Regularly inspect the machine twice per month.

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