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Die assembly and disassembly & tabletting adjustment

1. Die assembly

(1) upper punch assembly

Unscrew “lower punch setscrew”, and rotate “handwheel” to make “lower plunger” up to the top, and insert lower punch into the hole of “lower plunger” (let the notch slope of the lower punch align “lower punch setscrew”), and then finally screw “lower punch setscrew”.

(2) lower punch assembly

Unscrew “upper punch tight nut”, and completely insert upper punch into the hole of “upper plunger”, and lock hexagon below “upper plunger”, and screw “upper punch tight nut”.

(3) die assembly
Unscrew “die setscrew”, and horizontally place die to the hole of “die platen”, and finally press lower punch into the die hole, and screw “die setscrew”. Let die horizontally lay for fear of die titled captively to damage hole wall.

(4) Rotate “handwheel” bu hand, and make upper punch slowly down to the die hole, and obverse whether there is any collision or friction. If there is collision or friction, unscrew two “die platen setscrews” and adjust the place where “die platen” is fixed, to make upper punch into the die hole, and then screw “die platen setscrews”, in this way assembly is qualified if there is no collision or friction when punch is adjusted to the die.

2. Tablet-out adjustment

Rotate “pulley” to make lower punch up to the top, and observe whether lower punch surface is level with die surface (tablet couldn’t get out if the surface is too high or low). If it is not level, unscrew “adjusting pinion” and “follower bolt”, and loosen “pinion holder”, and clockwise rotate “adjusting pinion”. Make lower punch surface level with die plane, and then press platen on it, and screw “follower bolt”.
Hereto, rotate “handwheel” by hand and idle for more than ten revolutions. If the machine runs normally, feed and try to press for further adjustment.

3. Fill depth adjustment (tablet weight adjustment)

Unscrew “adjusting pinion” and “follower bolt” and loosen “pinion holder”. Clockwise rotate “adjusting pinion” to make “lower plunger” up, therefore reducing fill depth (also tablet weight), or increasing fill depth (also tablet weight). After adjustment, press “pinion holder” and screw “follower bolt”.

4. Pressure adjustment (tablet hardness adjustment)

Unscrew “connecting rod nut” and clockwise rotate “upper plunger” to make “upper plunger” displace down, therefore enlarging pressure and softening the pressed tablet. Or counterclockwise adjust “upper plunger”, therefore reducing pressure and softening the pressed tablet. After adjustment, lock hexagon below “upper plunger” with wrench to fasten “connecting rod nut”.

Hereto, die adjustment is basically finished. Start motor and try to press more than ten tablets, and inspect whether tablet weight, hardness and surface finish are available. If available, put it into use. Inspect tablet quality and promptly adjust at any time in production.

5. Die disassembly

(1) Upper punch disassembly
Unscrew “upper punch tight nut” to pull upper plunger out. If compacted, pull upper plunger out with pliers. Don’t damage punch blade.
(2) Die disassembly
Unscrew “die setscrew”. Screw “lower punch setscrew” off, screw “follower bolt”, and loosen “pinion holder”. Rotate “adjusting pinion” to make “lower plunger” up approximately 10mm and slightly rotate “handwheel” to make “lower plunger” push die up. Fetch die by hand. If die is compacted in the hole, don’t forcibly rotate handwheel to push for fear of member failure.
(3) Lower punch disassembly
Unscrew “lower punch setscrew”, and then rotate “handwheel” to make “lower plunger” up to the top, namely, pull the lower punch out by hand. In case of compact match, clip it with pliers (Don’t damage punch blade)
(4) After disassembling die, counterclockwise rotate “adjusting pinion” to make “lower plunger” down approximately 10mm. Rotate “handwheel” to make “lower plunger” up to the top which is at most as high as the bottom of “die platen” (Don’t neglect this step for fear of collision between “lower plunger” and die).

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