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Cautions in use
1. Read the instruction manual carefully in contrary to the machine before you operate the machine for the first time.

2. The machine can only operate in a stated direction (see arrow direction on the shield), and be not reversible, for fear of member failure. Pay attention to carry on tabletting adjustment.

3. Adjust belt tension with two adjusting nuts on electromechanical base and then fasten.

4. Hand-operate tablet in power off. Disassemble V-belt to reduce resistance and abrasion. However, pulley cannot be disassembled for its labor-saving flywheel.

5. Pull down “handle” on the “handwheel” in electrically tabletting for fear of wounding in operation.

6. Whether manually tabletting or electrically tabletting, make upper punch mandrel up and then start motor. If the upper punch starts in lowering position, it just starts to tablet die. Where the revolution speed of the machine is not enough to produce sufficient inertia, it is easy to push. (The upper punch enters “dead point” in the die due to medicine resistance, which will stop machine running. Pushing with large load will result in member failure or motor burnt down.

7. Treatment after push
(1) If push occurs in electric tabletting, power off immediately for fear of burning out motor.
(2) If push is not severe, rotate handwheel to make upper punch pass through “dead point” by hand (reverse is prohibited for fear of repeated feeding by feeder, which will result in more serious push). Also, the extension rod (accessory) can be inserted into the hole in the pullery surface to rotate (Don’t rotate in reverse direction or synchronously rotate by two men for fear of member failure.)
(3) If push is severe, unscrew connecting rod nut and rotate counterclockwise hexagon below upper plunger with wrench, which makes it up to reduce pressure and rotate handwheel to push tablet out and re-adjust tablet hardness.

8. Tablet quality (including weight, hardness, and surface finish, etc.) should be frequently inspected and promptly adjusted in tabletting.

9.Ingredient-making technology prior to tabletting has a great influence on tabletting, wherein tablet quality depends on accessories (such as medicinal materials, lubricating materials, filling materials and blinding materials) ingredient-making (including powder status, tablet compactness, powder ratio and water content, etc.). Inappropriate to tablet with sub-solid or moist agranular superfine powder. That tabletting unavailable because of considerable pressure or loosening, springing, snipping, pitting and picking is originated from ingredients, which to be solved. Never enlarge pressure to cause machine failure. In addition, although a centain tablets compacted by some medicinal materials is not hard, they have determinate toughness and not bad break and shock resistance (generally unbroken from 1-1.2m to the ground). Thus attention should be paid to operation and storage rather than hardness for fear that too much pressure in tabletting causes machine failure.

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